Van Smith
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Van Smith

Better Chemistry, Better Business


Van Smith is both a consultancy and a distributor.

Our primary realm is chemical solutions, but we do much more for our business clients. We are versatile problem solvers, and each client’s needs determine the recommended products and vendors. 

In effect, Van Smith is the front end for a select group of manufacturers who share a commitment to problem solving. Van Smith’s suppliers have the capacity and the willingness to invest time and resources in research and development to address a client’s particular issues. In this way, Van Smith connects the real world to the lab — and then to production or manufacturing. 

We believe that trial and error, patience and creativity are essential to overcome the most stubborn challenges. Our partners all buy into this approach.

Should your company or client have situations that defy cookie-cutter solutions, please contact Van Smith today.



Dries van wagenberg | Washington, D.C.

Stan "Smitty" Smith | DelAware