Van Smith
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Van Smith

The Principals

Dries Van Wagenberg

Dries has been in the specialty chemical business since 2004 and has developed relationships with multiple manufacturers, distributors and end users in the chemical and fuel business. He discusses product development with clients and partners and manages distribution, marketing and pricing. He is a native of Maryland’s Eastern Shore and lives in Washington D.C. After graduating from college in 1977, Dries spent two years in commercial banking, then ran his family’s import business, which he sold in 2000.



Stan "Smitty" Smith

Smitty has launched, built and sold companies in the fuel, transportation, warehousing and finance industries. His experience and hands-on knowledge allow him to understand multiple types of scenarios and challenges, both in the field and in the business itself. He grew up in and around the fuel business in New York’s Hudson Valley. He served with the U.S. Army in Vietnam in 1964-65 and earned a BA and MBA before striking out on his own. He has lived in Delaware for more than 40 years.